Flatpack S 1U bulk feed

ID: 13824

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The Flatpack S 1U bulk feed system is designed for external distributions, and due to its many output options it meets the markets demand for flexible and expandable DC power solutions.
With its small size, high efficiency, reliability and wide range of communication, the Flatpack S system is the key for future needs. The shallow depth makes the system suitable for most cabinets and thereby excellent as a replacement unit.

Key features

  • Bulk feed system
  • Smartpack S controller
  • Flatpack S rectifiers
  • Hot pluggable rectifiers
  • Hot pluggable controller
  • Advanced control and monitoring through ethernet port
  • 262 mm system depth
  • 1U Height
  • Optional output
  • 48V negative or positive
  • 24V negative or positive
  • 2 x directly bulk + 2 controlled by LVBD or 4 x directly bulk with optional LVBD
  • Shunt in negative or positive leg

Modelis: Flatpack S 1U bulk feed
Ražotājs: ELTEK
Minimālais pasūtījums: 1
Garantija: 24 mēneši
Izmēri (G/P/A): 482x250x441 mm