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News:   15.08.2017  |  New product from the manufacturer Intercel - Cellpower CPR battery series for critical conditions


CPR batteries have the unique property of being highly vibration and shock resistant, making them ideally suited for use along busy motorways and Railway lines. Furthermore, CPR batteries have a service life up to 15 years, whereas most AGM batteries only last for up to 10 years. It makes the CPR battery an unprecedentedly reliable source of energy for longer time periods.

The extremely robust properties of the CPR battery series means that they are permitted to carry an official ProRail product certificate (certificate number 0941/2016/CoC/RC104122-02). Once the batteries had been subjected to various inspections and tested for properties important to ProRail, it became clear that the quality amply satisfied the set requirements. ProRail certification also demonstrates the high quality and properties of the Cellpower CPR series to other users.

The CPR series is a valuable addition to the Cellpower battery range. Cellpower offers a broad range of reliable AGM and GEL batteries. Each product series has its own unique characteristics, so that there is a suitable battery for each applictaion with its associated specific usage profile. Combined with the right Cellpower battery accessories, you're able to assemble a high-quality battery system.

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